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For normal home connections, we recommend using amplification methods such as LDAP / NTP / WSD generally for the best results. The power from these amp methods vary from plan to plan. But please understand, it's not always about how many Gb/s you can send. Amp power can be filtered and mitigated. Here at VIP Booter, we have many methods to bypass all types of firewalls without the need of sending a lot of Gb/s to the target. These are special TCP/UDP methods specifically designed to bypass such protections. These special methods include the likes of UDPBYPASS[UDP], SYLLA[TCP], MI5[TCP], EXTONIC[TCP], LASER[TCP] And others. UDPBYPASS is especially good at bypassing udp game servers. These methods will give your target a real hard time if it is protected. We also have a method called STEAM which is specially designed for steam games, and may work against a target that UDPBYPASS may otherwise fail to bypass. The steam method also works on some OVH (not all). We have many, many brilliant methods that all work in different ways. If one doesn't down your target, another will!

In VIP Booter, plan purchases and activations are semi-automated. Upon purchase of your desired plan, you will receive a code to your purchase email. With that code, you can activate your plan in the "Redeem" page of VIP Booter.

We accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin through the Shoppy gateway. We do not recommend the likes of PayPal and other insecure processors that is deemed very risky for a booter service.

All logs automatically deleted every 24 hours.

Simple, you don't! And you can't. We use our own high grade spoofing servers that can spoof IP header when attacks are sent, therefore, each attack is impossible to track.

Security is a big factor here, we want our users to be safe! We use HTTPS & all our databases are hashed with bcrypt which is impossible to crack.

Targeting government websites is prohibited. We do not allow this at all. We block attacks towards .gov websites. However, if you have found some bypass to this, please let us know!

We are currently selling spoofing servers, and this you will receive API access to

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