Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the common questions asked about our services

We accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin for anonymized and secure payments. We do not recommend the likes of PayPal and other insecure processors that is deemed very risky for a booter service. Easy tutorials are provided onsite on how to buy crypto vouchers.

Here at VIP Booter, we value the privacy of every user. Attack logs are purged on a frequent basis, and no login logs are stored whatsoever.

All attacks are sent with the utilization of IP header modification (spoofing). This means it is impossible for an attack to be traced to its source.

Security is a big factor here, we want our users to be safe! We use HTTPS & all our databases are hashed with bcrypt which is impossible to crack.

We do not sell APIs directly to plans right now. However, we are currently selling high grade spoofing servers, and this you will receive API access to. uses a credit system. So to purchase your desired plan, you must first purchase the amount of credits your plan is worth. For example, you want to buy the 35 euro plan - you would need to buy 35 credits. Once the credits have been added to your account, you can then go ahead and activate your plan.

Generally we would recommend NTP/LDAP for most of your targets, they do a pretty good job in terms of overload. However, amp power can sometimes be filtered by DDoS protected hosts. To combat this, we have the addition of custom coded bypass methods that have the ability to bypass these types of protections and all types of other firewalls. To name a few, UDPBYPASS and STEAM do a pretty good job of bypassing the protections of UDP game servers. TCP Methods like EVS and dominate do a good job in bypassing some OVH firewall. Other TCP methods like VALIDSYN, SYLLA, MI5, EXTONIC and LASER are also very good advanced bypasses. We have so many great methods, if one doesn't work for you than another will!

Yes, some OVH and NFO targets can down with our EVS and DOMINATE methods to an open TCP port. These methods are accessable from the Gold plan upwards. We recommend Platinum or Diamond plans for more power.

This is strictly prohibitted.

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