Some of our features

VIP Booter is the most effective, stable and reliable booter available. Have a look at some of the features that makes us the best.

Unbelievable Layer4

All servers within our Layer4 network are located on top tier lines with incredible uplink speeds. This is a guarantee that the strongest, most powerful stress tests are being sent. VIP and Premium plans are also gifted with the addition of bypass methods which are specifically designed to bypass the most advanced firewalls.

Extraordinary Layer7

Our Layer7 is the best in the business and is completely unrivaled by any other stresser. With our Layer7, not only will you be able to cause extreme load to your targets, but you will have the ability to bypass advanced protections including Cloudflare, Sucuri, DDoS-Guard, Captchas and much more!

Cheap Prices

We do the best, most competitive and lucrative deals anywhere for the prices. There isn't a more powerful ip stresser on the market with packages as strong and affordable as these. We believe stress testing should be financially suitable for everyone. We want to maintain a cheap and affordable service, but also a strong and powerful booter too.


Here at VIP Booter, you can count on us as the IP stresser that doesn't close! We are dedicated team of individuals with years of experience working around the clock, always striving to provide you with the best and most up to date stress testing methods.

Custom Coded

Our clean, user-friendly interface was built completely from scatch with passion and designed with reliability and security in mind.

Secured Booter

Your Privacy is secured here, you can trust us! Our databases are hashed with hashes that are impossible to crack. With untraceable attacks, experienced staff members and logs that delete every 24 hours, rest assured your data is secure here at VIP Booter.

Our Most Popular Plans

Our most popular and demanded plans - If you want to see our other plans, create an account!


Good for stressing home connections

€5/ month
  • 25Gbps Shared
  • 600 Seconds
  • 1 Concurrent Attack
  • Access To Basic Methods
  • No attack limit
  • Normal Network


Good for stressing heavily protected servers

€65/ month
  • 70Gbps Dedicated
  • 3600 Seconds
  • 2 Concurrent Attacks
  • Access To All Methods
  • No Attack Limit
  • VIP Network

Payment Methods

We accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies. This is to ensure your privacy, security and anonymity. Tutorials are provided on our FAQ page.


Dstat's are handy benchmarking tools to monitor DDoS power during tests. Have a look at some of our recently recorded dstats.


Check out some of the videos made by the community, featuring power proof

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